• Pilates is a wonderful form of exercise that is used to strengthen the core,  improve flexibility,  and enhance control of the muscles of your back and lower body
  • Some of those that can benefit from Pilates include: people with low back or neck pain, athletes that require increased core strength, any person in maintenance phase from back or neck rehab, and postnatal women
  • Classes are presented at the Warrior Training Centre, corner of Skilpad and   Elephant rd, Monument Park, Pretoria.

 Classes up to 10 people. Tuesdays and Thursdays at 07:30

8 classes per month: R560 @ R70 per class
4 classes per month: R320 @ R80 per class
2 classes per month: R180 @ R90 per class
Drop in class: R100 per class

R350 Monitoring Assessment – Optional, and can be claimed from your medical aid (Body Composition, Health Check, Posture Analysis, and Home program)